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Delightfully Uncommon Convenience.

Normandy Real Estate Partners (now Columbia Property Trust) came with a logo and website delivered by Punch, and tasked my team to bring this new vision to life with a comprehensive marketing strategy that would break through the competitive landscape. 

After our client spent $10 million to renovate this 608,000-SF campus, it was paramount that we generate maximum exposure and deal velocity with the local business community. 

Wit and whimsy led the charge, with thoughtfully crafted messaging that enticed prospects to engage with our sales team, and digital marketing that consistently exceeded industry benchmarks. 

The results surpassed our own expectations by generating press and industry buzz right out of the gate. We sustained the momentum through further marketing initiatives, including targeted gifts for high-value prospects, promotional giveaways that encouraged people to follow along, trade advertising, and a highly attended "big reveal" event, all of which resulted in more than 140,000 square feet of office lease transactions and financial success for our client. 

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