Craving International?

After investing significant capital to renovate the office building known as "International Place" in Rosslyn, our client The Meridian Group was looking for a fun and memorable way to generate excitement in the business community for the new upgrades and upcoming event. As part of this effort, my role was to create a new custom brochure, email series, promotional gift, event planning and day-of coordination.

We couldn't have asked for a better client. The Meridian Group was eager to think differently and go beyond the typical direct mail campaign. This property is located in an exceptionally walkable and diverse food haven. Playing off the "international" branding allowed us to highlight the abundance of eateries nearby through a fun (and cheap!) promotional gift that packaged an event invitation into a playful takeout container.

At the same time, we seized the opportunity to generate buzz for our upcoming event by bundling giveaway codes that could be redeemed online. These unique codes also served as RSVPs, so all recipients had to do was show up at our broker event to claim their additional prize.

This promotion was extremely cost-effective and resulted in numerous phone calls to both the property owners and our brokerage team, as well as drawing nearly 200 event attendees. All of this helped fuel leasing to over 90% occupancy, proving a financial success for The Meridian Group who then sold the building the following year.