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Hi, I'm Cody.

I'm an accomplished designer who combines data-driven insights with strong technical skills to grow audiences, build relationships, and achieve superior marketing results. My ability to fuse creativity with analytical thinking means working with someone who seamlessly understands your goals and will translate your priorities in a clear, energizing and impactful way.

I've always enjoyed making things for people. This curiosity first inspired me to learn website development, and then graphic design to make my websites look better. I founded an online community for car enthusiasts by writing and sharing DIY mechanic guides. With time and SEO the website grew to 10,000 active members and 200k+ monthly visitors before I sold it to focus on a new career.

I shifted from B2C to B2B marketing, joining a rapidly expanding company that offered challenge and opportunity to anyone willing to roll up their sleeves. We quickly grew from 800 to 5,000+ employees as I was promoted to Senior Marketer, then Regional Designer, and then Creative Director of an in-house design agency. The industry had been brand-new to me, but I loved the challenge and opportunities to learn. It's fun to look back on what I helped build.

Change can be challenging, but also rewarding, and I'm grateful for the experience and knowledge I've gained along the journey. Maybe you have a challenge I can help with. If so, you can find me in the red house on the corner, with my husband Daniel, and our cat Wally. Let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

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