Flexing Your Strengths.

 "We needed a brand that communicated  our vision to the marketplace - one that  would help prospects remember what  makes us unique."​

How do you spark excitement for a single-story suburban office park? By deconstructing what makes the project unique, and reassembling the pieces into an exciting new story.

Introducing Marker 20 - a vibrant hub of walk-up workplaces with industrial ceiling heights and direct access to the Washington & Old Dominion Trail, which is enjoyed by thousands of bicyclists and pedestrians each day. Our client, Penzance, was planning massive improvements to Marker 20, adding new on-site amenities such as outdoor game and relaxation areas, free-to-use ebikes and scooters, an indoor/outdoor event and conference facility, plus an all-new fitness studio and pedestrian-friendly avenue to transport you to a better way to work.

As part of this effort, I led the branding and collateral production for Marker 20 after helping secure the assignment. As plans evolved, we bolstered our marketing toolkit with a custom property website, multiple email campaigns tailored to specific audience needs, and the development of a 10,000-square-foot experiential marketing center with large-format graphics. 

Marker 20 has enjoyed rapid success, and quickly became a marquee development that our client was eager to share. Working under a tight deadline, we orchestrated a fully 3D video to guide prospects through the new story behind Marker 20, working closely with the vendor to ensure the video was delivered in time for Penzance's national investor conference.